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  • NEC_e
    NEC Corporation

  • mirantis
    Mirantis Japan, Inc.

    Liberate customers who deploy and operate private clouds from the troublesome version upgrades and operations of software provided by vendors. Mirantis has offered Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) made up of open technologies and realized continuous cloud update using CI / CD process. In addition, through a Build – Operate – Transfer model in a form of managed services, we will realize an public cloud like user experience in private clouds. At the booth, we will explain our managed services along with new product, MCP, including case studies.

  • NTTCom_e
    NTT Communications Corporation

    NTT Com’s “Enterprise Cloud” offers shared and dedicated resource types of Cloud using SDN with a variety of APIs, supporting customer’s mission-critical systems as well as cloud-native applications such as IoT/Big Data. At our booth, you can grasp the overview of “Enterprise Cloud” service offerings, including the updates to meet enterprises’ needs. Also, we can introduce the managed private OpenStack service enabling enterprises to use OpenStack in a private cloud environment.

  • fujitsu_e
    Fujitsu Limited

    We will introduce our OpenStack related products and Cloud Foundry based solutions for offering our operation knowledge learned by running our public cloud services sprinkled with live demonstrations.

  • Redhat_e
    Red Hat, Inc.

  • mellanox_e
    Mellanox Technologies.

  • DELL_e
    Dell Inc.

  • Supermicro_e
    Super Micro Computer, Inc.

    We will exhibit Multi Node ‘s Compute Node, large capacity Storage Node, All Flash storage and HCI server. You can experience the management tool optimized for Openstack (Rack Scale Design). Please consult about sizing of individual server and resource management method on a rack.

  • CTC_e
    ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation

    CTC has pioneered the introduction of OpenStack based IaaS in Japan, supporting multiple companies in their CI/CD pipeline path and their architectural decisions. Through our partnership with Solinea, CTC has a unique insight on the best practices in consulting, design and implementation from a world class company. In our booth we will be happy to demonstrate some of our preferred methods and cloud-based solutions to common use-cases in the industry.

  • vmware_e

    OpenStack is recognized as an API framework for cloud and NFV, but issues in the commercial environment have become clearer. e.g. stability, security, manageability (Complexity of architecture / deployment, difficulty of upgrading, lack of management tools), etc. With VMware Integrated OpenStack, we can combine OpenStack’s standard API offering with VMware’s stable cloud infrastructure / tools. Please visit VMware booth to check out VMware Integrated OpenStack.

  • NTTtechno_e
    NTT TechnoCross Corporation (former company name: NTT Software)

  • ThirdWare_e
    ThirdWare Inc./ LINBIT

    DRBD has been known as high-availability and disaster recovery for more than 10 years, and the latest DRBD 9 can work with OpenStack as enterprise block storage. With DRBD9’s Cinder and Nova driver, users can easily start with 2-nodes, and grow without interruption. This scalable, hyper-converged DRBD SDS brings various benefits to users including:
    – no vendor lock-in
    – faster and less expensive than Ceph
    – support of fastest technologies such as NVMe SSD, and RDMA
    We, ThirdWare and LINBIT, will explain DRBD’s unique SDS feature and our support to the customer.

  • Arista_e
    Arista Networks, Inc.

    Arista’s Cloud Vision seamlessly integrates Openstack with underlay Arista devices. In addition, Cloud Vision also provides unprecedented Network-wide automation and fine-grained visibility. At Arista booth, we’ll find two interesting demonstrations, Streaming-based next-gen telemetry powered by Cloud Vision, and 7160 series platform enabling you to have IEEE 802.3by compliant native 25GbE ports.

  • Nutanix_e

  • hitachi_e
    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Do you have a request to adapt DevOps in a mission-critical systems? However, considering various requirements, it is not easy to adapt it. This exhibition introduce a solution what adapt DevOps ensuring system quality at an early stage and to transit smoothly from development to production environment, with know-how accumulated through Hitachi’s long-term development and support of platform & middleware products.

  • ask_e
    ASK Corporation

  • brocade_e
    Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

  • VA-Linux_e
    VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.

    We are contributing to develop OpenStack as a member of the OpenStack project. Our expertise allows us to support building cloud computing infrastructure by maximizing the flexibility of OSS technologies. At the boot, we are going to offer counseling opportunities to be able to talk with our engineers directly about OpenStack (Neutron ) complicated technical issues from the afternoon of both days.

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