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Day 1August 2 2018

Room C+D+E

10:00‐10:10 / Room C+D+E


opening Akihiro Hasegawa AXLBIT, Inc.

10:10-10:50 / Room C+D+E


Jonathan Bryce Executive Director, OpenStack Foundation Turning open source software into open infrastructure

CDE-1-2_abby How Flexibility & Open Source Enable Businesses to Shape the Cloud-Native Future Abby Kearns Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live and the way we work. Enterprises have shifted from the question of “How can my company take advantage of the cloud?” to “What is cloud-native, and why do I need it?” in just a few short years. At the same time, they find themselves wondering, “What role does open source software play in this?” Perhaps most importantly, as software overtakes the business world, they ask, “How do I keep my technology team happy?” The answer to all of these questions is one word: flexibility.

Open source software offers flexibility, and the opportunity for broad collaboration. When combined with cloud-native application architectures and continuous delivery practices, large-scale transformation happens across every industry, from retail giants like Home Depot to the largest auto manufacturers in the world like Volkswagen to major government entities like the United States Air Force.

In this talk, Abby Kearns will walk us through the cloud-native explosion, why it matters to enterprises, the flexibility it delivers, and the role that open source software, platforms, and ecosystems play in developing software at scale.

10:50-11:30 / Room C+D+E

CDE-1-3NEC Corporation

Pushing boundaries of Open Source Software for Cloud platform

CDE-1-3 Deepak Kumar Gupta General Manager, NEC Technologies India Private Limited NEC Technologies India (NECTI) with NEC, is contributing in OpenStack Community since 2011 and pushing OpenStack usage in large projects to multiple customers such as Indian Government and Telecom industry etc. Through this NECTI have build-up very good knowledge base for OpenStack. Along with this, we are also expending the horizon by launching “FIWARE Lab Node” based on OpenStack as FIWARE platform. This time we wold like to introduce the use cases of latest infrastructure including communities surrounding Kubernetes, FIWARE etc. Looking forward for your active participation.

11:30-12:10 / Room C+D+E


CDE-1-4_akinaga Yoshikazu Akinaga NTT DOCOMO Inc.

CDE-1-4 Ryokichi Onishi TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd.

Room J+K

13:20-13:35 / Room J+K

JK-1-3Super Micro Computer, Inc

Scalable Infrastructure Solution
- Supermicro RSD 2.1 and All Flash Storage Solution

JK-1-3 Taro Iwata Super Micro Computer, Inc

15:30-15:45 / Room J+K

JK-1-4DDN Storage

DDN super-accelerates AI/ Machine Learning/ Deep Learning!!

JK-1-4_Akimoto Rei Akimoto DDN Storage

JK-1-4_Shioirigatani Hiroshi Shioirigatani DDN Storage

OpenStack is now an essential infrastructure and has been leveraged in AI/ ML/ DL lately. Storage tends to be a bottleneck in OpenStack at scale and AI/ ML/DL, but DDN’s high performance storage will solve the problem. In this presentation, we will present our solutions including 100% NVMe storage solution.

18:30-20:00 / Room J+K

Booth Crawl

Room B

13:50-14:30 / Room B


Container as a Service on OpenStack

B-1-1_aoyama Masaya Aoyama CyberAgent, Inc.

B-1-1_hasegawa Makoto Hasegawa CyberAgent, Inc.

14:45-15:25 / Room B


Cloud development on the cloud? How to Operate CI/CD with two “Stack”

B-1-2.jpg Wataru Manji IoT Innovation Business Department, NTT TechnoCross Corporation NTT-TX have been developing private cloud platform that is named “ManagedStack” and we build continuous integration (CI) that is composed of OpenStack andStackStorm to test it.

In this section, we present that:
– What kind of tests we are running on CI
– Why OpenStack and StackStorm are suitable for CI

16:00-16:40 / Room B


Container Network Security

B-1-3 Daisuke Nakajima Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks K.K.

16:55-17:35 / Room B


Building Toshiba’s New Service [Coestation] in a Cloud Native Environment

B-1-4_Kino Kino Hironobu Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

B-1-4_Iwai Iwai Katsuhito Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

17:50-18:30 / Room B


Personalized Development Environment for Large-Scale Projects

画像 Ryo Sugahara NTT DATA Corporation

Room C

13:50-14:30 / Room C

C-1-1Red Hat K.K.

C-1-1 Takuya Ito Red Hat K.K.

14:45-15:25 / Room C


Changes in Large-Scale Web Service Deployment Methods – Technology and Culture

C-1-2 Ryo Takaishi GMO Pepabo, Inc

16:00-16:40 / Room C

C-1-3Mirantis Japan KK

Redefining OpenStack/Kubernetes operation with Mirantis Cloud Platform

C-1-3 Nobuchika Kamon Mirantis Japan KK

16:55-17:35 / Room C


IT Automation with OpenStack and Ansible/AWX

C-1-4 Hideki Saito Red Hat K.K.

17:50-18:30 / Room C


The Keys to Infra CI/CD from an Azure Architect

C-1-5 Toru Makabe Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Room D

D-1-1 13:50-15:20 / D-1-2 16:00-17:30 / Room D

D-1-1/ D-1-2Training – Microsoft Corporation

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Hands-on

Yoichi Kawasaki Microsoft Corporation

Rio Fujita Microsoft Corporation

Room E

13:50-14:30 / Room E


Automotive Edge Computing – Use Case and Requirements

E-1-1 Ryokichi Onishi TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd.

14:45-15:25 / Room E


Latest Trends in Container Technology from OpenStack Summit & KubeCon

E-1-2_tamaoki Nobuyuki Tamaoki VirtualTech Japan Inc.

E-1-2_yamamoto Satoru Yamamoto COMSYS JOHO SYSTEM Corporation

16:00-16:40 / Room E

E-1-3Dell EMC

The method for using Cloud Native and Kubernetes in production

E-1-3_Torii Takashi Torii Dell EMC

E-1-3_Yoshida Naotake Yoshida Dell EMC

Cloud Native and Kubernetes are becoming trend in the industry, but in many cases are dev or test environment, and not many in production. To start Cloud Native in real production system, it is not enough just integrate Kubernetes. The key factor is implementing DevOps method and culture to the end-to-end lifecyle, and also changing operations, tools, security, organizations. In this session, we will introduce our guidelines, use cases, sample patterns these are useful for thinking about how to start Cloud Native in production.

16:55-17:35 / Room E


Kubernetes Basics for Container Newcomers

E-1-4 Tatsunori Saito TIS Inc.

17:50-18:30 / Room E


Comparing Enterprise Container Platforms

画像 Junichi Yoshise Pointnext Hybrid IT COE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Room G

13:50-14:30 / Room G


Retty Gourmet Service – Upload Image Analysis

G-1-1_suzuki Takaaki Suzuki Retty Inc.

G-1-1_tamatsu Koji Tamatsu Retty Inc.

14:45-15:25 / Room G

G-1-2SoftIron Ltd/ Inabata & Co., Ltd.

Ceph on ARM64 – OpenStack/K8s Backend SDS Storage

G-1-2 Toshihiro Matsuo SoftIron Ltd/ Inabata & Co., Ltd.

16:00-16:40 / Room G


The Future of Machine Learning from Google

画像 Ayatoshi Yoshidumi Cloud Ace Inc.

16:55-17:35 / Room G


NTT DOCOMO’s AI Agent Strategy

G-1-4 Yoshikazu Akinaga NTT DOCOMO Inc.

17:50-18:30 / Room G


Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Cloud ML

画像 Kazunori Sato Google Japan LLC

Room H

H-1-AM 10:30-12:30 / Room H

H-1-AMTraining – Cloud Ace Inc.

Serverless Big Data Analysis on Google Cloud Platform

H-1-AM Yuki Shiose Cloud Ace Inc.

H-1-1 13:50-15:20 / H-1-2 16:00-17:30 / Room H

H-1-1/ H-1-2Training – Mirantis Japan KK

Container Technology Basics

mitantis Masato Morita Mirantis Japan KK

Day 2August 3 2018

Room C+D+E

9:30‐10:10 / Room C+D+E


CDE-2-1_Katsurashima Cloud Native – Bringing Destructive Change on a Global Level Wataru Katsurashima Gartner Japan Ltd.

CDE-2-1_Kou Promoting Cloud Native within the Enterprise Takanari Kou Z Lab Corporation

Room J+K

12:20-12:35 / Room J+K

JK-2-1AXLBIT, Inc.

Actual practice for from Ansible to Docker

JK-2-1 Ikuo Kumagai AXLBIT, Inc. What kind of work is needed to replace the system constructed using Ansible with the Docker container? I will introduce the points when actually doing work.

12:50-13:05 / Room J+K


Mellanox Technologies largest domestic user case and “Smart”Interconnect

JK-2-2 Yuki Kitajima MACNICA, Inc.

15:30-15:45 / Room J+K

JK-2-4VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.

OpenStack Summit Vancouver and KubeCon EU Recap: Interesting Things You Need to Know

JK-2-4 Toshihiro Iwamoto VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. VA Linux Systems Japan has been involved since the Bexar release and accumulated experience and knowledge in OpenStack development, implementation and failure analysis services. Also, inquiries about the function development and support of Docker and Kubernetes have been increasing from our customers, and we are also making progress with our efforts. In this session, we show how our OpenStack support services and the latest technology trends of OpenStack and Kubernetes from our engineer who participated in KubeCon, OpenStack PTG and Summit.

Room B

10:30-11:10 / Room B

B-2-1Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH/ Inabata & Co., Ltd.

OpenStack Based Distributed GPU Cluster

B-2-1 Toshihiro Matsuo Cloud & Heat Technologies GmbH/ Inabata & Co., Ltd.

11:25-12:05 / Room B


Employing DPDK – Accelerating a First Time OpenStack Deployment

B-2-2 Tetsuro Nakamura NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories

13:50-14:30 / Room B


Open NFV Infra Today – Possibilities for 5G (Panel Discussion)

B-2-3_mibu Ryota Mibu NEC Corporation

B-2-3_Miyamoto Hajime Miyamoto KDDI CORPORATION

B-2-3_Mikami Hiroki Mikami SoftBank Corp.

B-2-3_Nakajima Yoshihiro Nakajima NTT DOCOMO, INC.

14:45-15:25 / Room B


KDDI’s OSS Hands-on Lab

B-2-4_Miyamoto Hajime Miyamoto KDDI CORPORATION

B-2-4_Kasuya Yuki Kasuya KDDI Research, Inc.

To introduce the 5G network, telco must employ several technologies such as NFV/MEC/vRAN. These are based on OSS. In KDDI, we have experienced a major change from the support & maintenance phase through developing the OSS based NFV environment. We realize that skillful OSS engineers are the key to this change.

How do we secure OSS engineers? KDDI’s solution is education, not recruitment. According to our strategy, we have launched an OSS hands-on lab named “Terakoya” which features (1) learning VIM/NFVI through building and troubleshooting, and (2) CI/CD platform for Kaizen using Rancher/Jenkins and etc. Documents and codes are maintained by participants through the full CI/CD process. We have 100+ yearly alumni who are Level 3 LPI-Japan classified. In this session, you can learn the benefits of educating existing members and how to build labs that yield agility/flexibility/dynamicity.

16:00-16:40 / Room B


Increasing Efficiency of High Performance NFV Instances

B-2-5 Hiroyuki Jo NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories

16:55-17:35 / Room B


Multi-vendor/Multi-cloud Integrated Storage Orchestration with OpenSDS

Lawrence Lawrence Lai Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd.
Seattle Cloud Lab

Sato Yusuke Sato Yahoo Japan Corporation

Kusunoki Kei Kusunoki NTT Communications Corporation

Room C

10:30-11:10 / Room C

C-2-1Fujitsu Limited

The road to the system modernization and Cloud Native

C-2-1 Takahiro Muneda Fujitsu Limited “Cloud Native” is becoming a one of the key in enterprise. In this presentation, Fujitsu will present how the systems should be in “Cloud Native” era with OpenStack/OpenShift based on the OSS solutions and present “Cloud Native” characteristics, advantages and what we have to consider for system modernization.

11:25-12:05 / Room C


VMware/OSS for Full Automation

C-2-2_Uchiumi Takuya Uchiumi KDDI CORPORATION

C-2-2_Watanabe Isao Watanabe KDDI CORPORATION

13:50-14:30 / Room C


Cloud Native IoT System Architecture

C-2-3 Kohei Matsushita SORACOM, INC.

14:45-15:25 / Room C

C-2-4Red Hat K.K.

Enterprise Kubernetes Operation made easy with OpenShift and CoreOS

C-2-4 Masatoshi Hayashi Red Hat K.K.

16:00-16:40 / Room C


Technology Supporting Google’s Software Development

C-2-5 Etsuji Nakai Solutions Architect, Google Cloud

16:55-17:35 / Room C


A CI Environment with Zuul and OpenStack

Akihiro Motoki NEC Corporation

17:50-18:30 / Room C


Cloud Native Monitoring with Prometheus

C-2-7 Inoh Akihito NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

Room D

D-2-1 13:50-15:20 / D-2-2 16:00-17:30 / Room D

D-2-1/ D-2-2Training – Fujitsu Limited

Starting Cloud Native Front End Development on Cloud Foundry

Training_fujitsu Sokichi Fujita Fujitsu Limited

Room E

10:30-11:10 / Room E

E-2-1Juniper Networks K.K.

Challenges of Network for Kubernetes’/’Openshift’ on and the Solotion of Contrail/Tungsten Fabric

E-2-1 Daisuke Nakajima Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks K.K. Kuberenetes/Openshift is one of the topic as Container Infrastructure. Running Container Infra on Openstack requires to manage both Virtual Networks duplicately. Other challenges are Network Isolation between different Containers, Connection with Existing Network. This session provides one of solution by using Contrail/Tungsten Fabric to address Openstack and Container Infrastructure Network.

11:25-12:05 / Room E


Operator on Kubernetes – A NoOps World

E-2-2_murata Shunya Murata Z Lab Corporation

E-2-2_suda Kazuki Suda Z Lab Corporation

13:50-14:30 / Room E


Connected Platform – Accelerating Digital Transformation

E-2-3 Seiichi Koizumi DENSO Corporation

14:45-15:25 / Room E


Security Best Practices for Kubernates

E-2-4 Ian Lewis Google Cloud Platform

16:00-16:40 / Room E


Latest Information in GPU Computing

Kuninobu SaSaki NVIDIA Corporation

16:55-17:35 / Room E


Multitenant Kubernetes for GPU Technology Verification

E-2-6_Uemura Shinya Uemura KDDI CORPORATION

E-2-6_Wada Yutaro Wada KDDI CORPORATION

17:50-18:30 / Room E


AWS/Azure/GCP Machine Learning Service Analysis

E-2-7_yasuhiro_fujita Yasuhiro Fujita NTT Communications Corporation

E-2-7_keisuke_kiritoshi Keisuke Kiritoshi NTT Communications Corporation

E-2-7_ichiro_morinaga Ichiro Morinaga Service Innovation Laboratory Group, NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION

Room G

10:30-11:10 / Room G


Joint Session (VMware x KDDI): VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.0 and KDDI Private Cloud Case Study

G-2-1_Yamaguchi Takuro Yamaguchi Strategic Account SE Dept., VMware K.K.

G-2-1_Odaka Yuki Odaka Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Platform Section 3, Platform Technology Dept., KDDI CORPORATION

11:25-12:05 / Room G

G-2-2NetApp, Inc.

NetApp’s OpenStack Storage Platform – The Key to Selecting Storage

G-2-2_Masayuki_Ueda Masayuki Ueda Yahoo Japan Corporation

G-2-2_Keita_Kobayashi Keita Kobayashi Yahoo Japan Corporation

G-2-2_Kan_Itani Itani Kan NetApp, Inc.

13:50-14:30 / Room G


Container and CI/CD Technology on Japan’s Largest OpenStack Hybrid Cloud – FUJITSU Cloud Service K5

Noboru Iwamatsu Fujitsu Limited

Yotaro Konishi Fujitsu Limited

Osamu Shimokuni Fujitsu Limited

Tatsuma Matsuki Fujitsu Limited

14:45-15:25 / Room G


High Speed and Secure Deployment with Spinnaker and Kayenta

G-2-4 Mahito Ogura NTT Communications Corporation

16:00-16:40 / Room G


System Development and Operation Requirements – Learing from a PaaS Deployment

G-2-5 Hiroishi Masaya Fujitsu Limited

16:55-17:35 / Room G


DevOps with OpenShift at Softbank

G-2-6_yoshida Koichi Yoshida SoftBank Corp.

G-2-6_harada Takuma Harada SoftBank Corp.

17:50-18:30 / Room G


Machine Learning Task Administration on Kubernetes with KubeFlow

G-2-7 Yuji Oshima NTT Software Innovation Center

Room H

H-2-AM 10:30-12:30 / Room H

H-2-AMTraining – Cloud Ace Inc.

Serverless Big Data Analysis on Google Cloud Platform

H-1-AM Yuki Shiose Cloud Ace Inc.

H-2-1 13:50-15:50 / H-2-2 16:00-18:00 / Room H

H-2-1/ H-2-2Training – Red Hat K.K.

Ansible IT Automation Workshop

Training_RedHat Tomoaki Nakajima Red Hat K.K.

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